KITE Entrepreneurship Foundation Chulhwan Kim, CEO

Established by CEO Chulhwan Kim, the founder of Image & Materials, this enterprise identies and invests in hardware-focused startup teams. Working with KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) who are equipped with advanced technologies and research capabilities.

Chulhwan Kim (former CEO of Image & Materials) + KAIST (BI)

Capstone Partners Eunkang Song, CEO

Seeks entrepreneurs aiming at the global market who have fresh and unique ideas. We are not looking for a awless team of entrepreneurs, but rather a cooperative team capable of reading trends, setting genuine goals, and using their time effectively.

Capstone + SparkLabs + Asan Nanum Foundation (BI)

K Cube Ventures Seungwoon Yu, CEO

Founded with an investment from Kakao founder Beomsu Kim (Daum Kakao), K Cube Ventures utilizes funds raised from the private K Cube Venture Fund and Kakao Venture Fund to drive aggressive investments in web and mobile tech startups.

Primer Dokyun Kwon, CEO

They were the first startup accelerator in Korea and were founded by successful venture entrepreneurs Dokyun Kwon (Inicis), Taekkyung Lee (Daum) and Kiha Lee (Sazze). Primer invests in mobile and Internet startups, engages in the startup incubation process, and facilitates their entry into the global market.

Dokyun Kwon (Inicis) + Taekkyung Lee (Daum) + Kiha Lee (Sazze) + BIG BASIN + Hanyang University (BI)

BonAngels Venture Partners Seokheun Kang, CEO

Founded by CEO Byungkyu Chang, who is also the founder of Neowiz and FirstSnow, they are the rst venture capitalist that specialized in rms in the early stages of development in Korea. With private capital raised by rst-generation Internet venture founders, such as Nexon CEO Jungju Kim, it creates and runs pacemaker funds.

TheVentures Changseong Ho, CEO

We are a seed stage fund and accelerator built upon the global startup experience of Changseong Ho and Jiwon Moon, co-founders and CEOs of (Acquired by Japanese e-commerce and Internet giant Rakuten in 2013). We specialize in investments, mentoring, and growing early stage companies further enabling their global expansion.

Changseong Ho, Jiwon Moon(Viki, Vingle) + Its own BI (TheVentures Startup Center)

FuturePlay Junghee Ryu, CEO

Founded by Jung-hee Ryu, a co-founder of Olaworks (Acquired by Intel), and Jason Han, a founder of NexR (Acquired by KT), FuturePlay builds tech-centric startups focusing on big data analysis, IoT, healthcare, or wearable devices. FuturePlay provides one-year Inventor-In-Residence (IIR) programs, as well as invests in early-stage tech startups.

Junghee Ryu + KETI (Korea Electronics Technology Institute) (BI)

Coolidge Corner Investment Hyucktae Kwon, CEO

With a seamless process of selecting, incubating, and investing in startups, they are a venture capitalist specializing in the early stages of startup development. In partnership with Silicon Valley based BootstrapLaps, who are a global accelerator for technological startups, they provide professional support until they are ready to enter the global market.

Hyucktae Kwon + BootstrapLabs (BI) + CCVC ValueUp Center (BI)

Innopolis Partners Sangjin Lee, CEO

They invest in and support hardware-based startups in manufacturing and bio sectors. They work together with Korea Science & Technology Holdings (KST) which is a technology-integrated group of 17 government-funded research institutes.

KST + VentureSquare + KIMM (Korea Institute of Machinery & Materials) + Seoul Techno Holdings (BI)

POSCO Seokmo Chung, Director

Through its Idea Market Place, targeting all industries, POSCO discovers talent with entrepreneurial qualities and creative ideas by providing support using its extensive global networks.

POSCO Affiliates

nTels Jaehee Shim, CEO

Founded in 2000, they are one of the most successful IT convergence companies in the telecommunication infrastructure area. Based on its extensive venture experiences, nTels identies, invests in, and nurtures early-stage internet/mobile technology startups to ensure the establishment of their initial foothold, in addition to maximizing their shared growth.

ActnerLAB Injae Cho, CEO

They are an accelerator that helps hardware startups enter the global market through their extensive programs. They have a strategic alliance with Lab IX in Silicon Valley, which is a subsidiary of Flextronics (Fortune 500 Company).

Flextronics Lab IX

Hyundai Motor Company Yunseong Hwang, Director

Based on its extensive global networks in the automobile sector, Hyundai Motor Company develops and nurtures startups equipped with competitive technologies, products, and services applicable to automobiles.

Creative Economy Innovation Center in Gwangju (BI) + Hyundai Motor Company Uiwang R&D Center (BI)

Suprema Investment Seungkwon Paek, CEO

BAs a venture capitalist specializing in the early stages of startup development, Suprema Investment focuses on healthcare and IT convergence startups in partnerships with KOHEA(Korea Digital Hospital Export Agency), Korea Creative Economy Research Network, and KOVA (Korea Venture Business Association) SVI.

Minhwa Lee (Medison) + Kichul Cha (InBody) + KOHEA (Korea Digital Hospital Export Agency) + KOVA(Korea Venture Business Association) SVI(BI)

ETRI Holdings Byungsik Cho, CEO

A wholly owned subsidiary of ETRI (Electronic Telecommunication Research Institute), they are Korea’s rst Government-invested technological holding company. In cooperation with local and international organizations, the company identies and makes initial/follow-up investments in ICT convergence startups with customized support for their successful entry into the global market.

DSC Investment + DEV Korea + ETRI (BI) + SBA (Seoul Business Agency) (BI)

BluePoint Partners Yongkwan Lee, CEO

After the successful completion of the Plasmart deal with MKS of the U.S., CEO Youngkwan Lee used the funds raised to form bluepoint partners. bluepoint partners focuses on developing and nurturing advanced manufacturing startups with MiraeHoldings and Neopharm to meet the market demands.

Mirae Holdings + Neopharm + KRIBB (Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology) (BI) + KAIST (BI)

Mega Investment Jeongmin Kim, CEO

Founded by Son Jueun, CEO of MegaStudy, they offer customized education for startups and help them to enter global market with the Value-up service after investment. CEO Jeongmin Kim has lots of early stage investment experience.

10K Asia(BI) + Unitasclass + Son Jueun(MegaStudy)

Waps Jaechoon Lee, CEO

Based on the experience of successful first venture capitalist Waps, they support and nurture tech startups specialized in manufacturing sectors with mentors in each field.

Waps(BI) + Busan United Holdings + BSQURE + Jonghwan Park(Locnall)

Infobank Taehyeong Park, CEO

Specialized in mobile/messaging service and smart-car software, they invest in, nurture startups and offer IP consulting for them by making use of accumulated technology and 10 thousands of client companies network based on 20 years of service experience.

Infobank(BI) + Intellectual Stone + Tumblr

KAIST Venture Investment Holdings Byungtae Lee, CEO

Founded by KAIST for the purpose of boosting startups by youth, they support early stage investment and growth of startups stage by stage.

KAIST(BI) + CNT TECH + Pandora TV + KOISRA Seed Partners + SK Happiness + AKTIS Korea Partners